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Flowing narrative. A play on words. An emotional response...

Strong communication isn't just clear, it evokes, brings about. Interest, feeling, a bond: with your message, your product, your service.

You know your product like no one else, are enthused, convinced - this is my product! The answer to your questions, the solution to your problem, get to know it!

Allow yourself to be supported by someone who can communicate that same enthusiasm into crystal clear language that sells.




Editorial Design is about more than making all the elements look good together. A well defined message and purpose are the key components to a strong product.

By first defining what it is exactly that you want to say, we can write copy that is effective and to the point. A strong corporate style will give us the outlines of the design and eye-catching imagery will complete the picture.

How your product is received depends strongly on the emotional and visual image you project. So let's ensure all copy is picture perfect!




Say HELLO@ILLUS.BE to find out more.

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Fiona Klomp